Monday, 17 February 2014

Road Repair / Bituminous Road Carpeting / Pre-mix surface carpeting project - Guide to Facility Managers
Road Repair GK I, New Delhi

Following 4 steps were carried out:
1. Filling up of potholes with asphalt material 80/100 (VG-10) and compacting with road roller
2. Applying Tack Coat with hot straight run bitumen of grade VG-10
3. 2.5 cm premix carpet surfacing with Asphalt grade VG-10 and consolidation with Road Roller 6 -9 Tonne capacity
4. Providing and laying seal coat over prepared surface of road

Note: Though nowadays people are not in favour of seal coat (since road grip of tyres decreases) - I would recommend the same for internal roads / low traffic roads. The seal coat increases the physical life of the Road substantially

Pre mix Surface Carpeting being done after applying Tack Coat
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